Testing & Certification

Testing and certification is the final step in making your home as safe as it can be. Not only is it mandatory under NZ law but gives you, the customer, peace of mind so you can sleep at night. Knowing your new switchboard will protect you and your family when required is worth its weight in GOLD !

There are three tests that need
to be completed when
replacing a switchboard.

These tests are carried out with specialised testing equipment by the electrician once the job is completed. On top of that all switch board upgrades in New Zealand should be inspected (but not mandatory) by a registered electrical inspector. The inspection simply gives you the customer assurance the job has been done to code.

This happens on the same day as the upgrade to ensure your power will be restored by the end of the day. The inspector provides a ‘Record of Inspection’ and the electrician provides a ‘Certificate of Compliance’. Both of these records should be kept in your files. A normal switchboard upgrade will take approx 7 hours.

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The three tests

Testing is not only mandatory by regulation but for obvious reasons is critical to the overall safety of any installation. There are three tests that need to be completed when replacing a switch board:

Earth fault loop impedance test

This essentially tests the resistance of the earth path through a circuit. The value of this test depends on various factors so there is no minimum and maximum value.

Insulation resistance test

This tests the condition of the insulation insulating the cables. The minimum value for this test is 1mega Ohm or 1000,000 ohms.

Earth continuity test

As the name suggests, this tests the continuation of the earth. Is it intact and continuous? The maximum value for this test is 0.5 ohms.

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Nigel re-wired my 1940's house, under budget, to code, extremely professional all round. He's a bloody hard worker, thorough, straight to the point. Nigel appears to dislike short cuts and dicky work as he found screeds of it in our old house and put it right. I would hire him again and recommend others to do so without hesitation. 

Stuart Millar - 09/01/17

In the 15 years I've lived in Auckland I have never found an electrician who is as genuine, knowledgeable and honest as Nigel. The issue in my place was something called a shared neutral with next door. Nigel came equipped with lots of high tech gear and was able to diagnose the issue within 15 minutes. After this he explained to me in Layman's terms what it is, the risks etc... I have dealt with many electricians over the years. I just wish I had found Nigel earlier. He is beyond amazing. 

Jenny Walter - 16/05/17

Nigel's work ethic is absolutely brilliant, very punctual, friendly with a good sense of humour. I was desperate to find someone as fast as I could but no one gets back to me. After my fourth call I find Nigel and bang on he was there to sort the problem fast as 🙂 I am glad that I meet you and happy to do more business with you in the future. Highly recommended to anyone. Nigel's work, just read his reviews then I am sure that you will call him. Thanks for the extra bulb, mate...lol

Ben Ou - 12/06/18

Nigel is the BEST electrician I’ve ever used. I’ve had all sorts of complex problems in the wiring of my home due to the fact it is in two flats - Nigel has fixed everything in a timely and efficient way. The most recent has been the installation of a new board to replace the old 1960s one in the upstairs flat. As usual the work has been done quickly and to the highest standard. I live on the North Shore but to my knowledge Nigel works all over Auckland. 

Catherine Foster - 23/12/19

Thank you Nigel for your services rendered in upgrading our 80 year old messy switchboard to a shiny, new organised one and also upgrading all ‘out of date cables’ to current standards. Excellent job carried out in the most professional, timely manner!  Highly recommended for electrical services!!

Ian Smith - 28/05/21

Nigel is a total professional. He is tidy, organised, efficient and a great communicator. He provided some great advice about the job needed in my heritage apartment building. He turned up on time and ensured the work was completed exactly as I wanted. Given the age of the building, we had to investigate a couple of things but nothing deterred him from delivering a fantastic result. I would definitely recommend him and will use his services again for sure. Outstanding work!

James McElwee - 02/07/21

Exceptional service. Very quick communicator when I first reached out about the job. Set clear expectations when doing the quote, and delivered on those expectations. Very fast turnaround time, fantastic pricing. We have a very old house so expected some complications, but he was very patient and thought of practical solutions to get the job done. Friendly, genuine bloke as well. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with again!

Mark Edmonson - 16/08/21

“I would definitely recommend Nigel and will use his services again. He's efficient, a great communicator, and priced competitively. Given my home's age, he was able to clearly discuss solutions to issues that came up, and adapt to them while focused on delivering the original desired outcomes and budget.”

Sok from Birkenhead - 15/10/21

Nigel came highly recommended. He moved and replaced the main switchboard.  Nigel knows his stuff, worked tirelessly, kept up an ongoing discussion with me about what I wanted, and the end result is high quality.

Adrian Metcalfe - 29/10/21